Fujian shipbuilding enterprises built 106 meter rolling ship

      The 106 meter ro ro passenger ship exported to Indonesia from Fujian shipbuilding is progressing smoothly according to the contract schedule requirements.
There were 6 orders for the 106 - meter rolling ship.
      The construction of 106 meters of RO ro passenger ship of all steel welded structure, single, double, stern engine, twin-screw and twin rudder ship.

       The ship is round bilge, streamlined rudder, mainly used for the transport of passengers and cargo vehicle etc..

      The total hull length is 102.25m, the vertical line is 99.2m long, the width is 20.4m, the depth is 6.5m, the draught structure 4.2m, the total ton 7152T, and the net ton 3862T。

     They are entered into the CCS.

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